About Us


We help American athletes continue their careers as international players through their passion for the game. With us, your dreams of staying active in your athletic career doesn’t need to end after college. How? We assist players in finding placement on teams outside of the United States. We connect players with opportunities through a network of international programs.

Encouraging the self development and confidence in each member is important to us. We value players with high ethical and moral standards who are dedicated to continuing their sport, learning more, and becoming more

Players who experience other areas of the world, immerse themselves in new cultures, and create new perspectives not only become better athletes, but well rounded people as well. This is a priceless advantage to our program and platform.

We believe in the power that sports and athleticism bring to the world; fun, gathering, community, and entertainment. Our vision is to see deserving players looking to showcase their talents and skills achieve their dreams, with a strong foundation support system behind them.


American football is a fundamental American tradition and there is both demand and opportunity to share our talent with other countries. We see the possibilities on an international stage and a way to share a tradition that plays an important role in our society. Football is a sport that has been able to bond millions of Americans and we hope to share this tradition. In our vision, we will give new form to the American dream, giving the next generations of football players opportunities past their wildest dreams and expand the world of football. .